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Pet Insurance

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Lynton House Veterinary Group believes all pet owners should consider the use of pet insurance. Not only can this bring peace of mind when faced with unexpected costs of veterinary treatment but advances in veterinary medicine mean that there are a growing number of ways in which your pet’s health problems can be investigated and treated.

Some of these options are costly but pet health insurance reduces the financial burden, allowing owners a wider choice of treatment options. Whether Insured or not, we have a firm belief that any treatment should be in the best interests of your pet.

Direct claims

For many years, we have offered this very useful facility to our clients. When paying for your veterinary treatment, we only ask you to pay us any insurance excess on your policy, together with a small fee; we will then claim the remainder directly from the insurance company. You may find this is particularly helpful where larger claims are involved.

There are some insurance companies for which this service is unfortunately not possible and we review this list on a regular basis.
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Why not get in touch if you have any
questions about pet insurance.

What to consider when looking for pet insurance:

We are not able to recommend a specific insurance company. However, there are a large number of companies offering Pet Health Insurance and each comes with its own set of terms and conditions. When considering which policy might be most suitable, we would urge you to check the type and level of cover provided, as this varies enormously between companies. Also consider taking out a policy with ‘Life Cover’ as this may provide better value over the lifetime of your pet.
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