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Surgery & Diagnostics

Surgery & diagnostics

All three of our Practices have full operational facilities and post operation hospitalisation, so in most cases you and your pet will not need to travel to unfamiliar places. Our experienced team of veterinary surgeons are able to carry out a full range of operations including, for example, neutering, internal procedures and orthopaedics.


We understand that you may be concerned about leaving your pet with us for a general anaesthetic, however, we use the most up to date and safest techniques.

We thoroughly check every animal prior to any anaesthetic, and recommend pre-anaesthetic blood tests for older or sick animals. We use the safest and most appropriate combination of anaesthetic drugs based on your pet's body weight, condition and the procedure being carried out.

Operations and post-op recovery

During the operation a dedicated nurse monitors your pet’s heart rate, breathing and pain levels and adjusts the anaesthetic accordingly, and with other monitoring equipment available ensures the highest possible care of your pet. Intravenous fluid therapy may also be used where appropriate.

After the operation, your pet will be monitored whilst they recover, before being allowed home.
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